Excellent Examples of Hooks for Essays

When your teachers ask you to write a good essay, you need toknow how to start it. Do you use excellent hooks in itsintroductory paragraph to make readers interested in learningmore? Perhaps, you don’t know that unique and excellent hooks foressays can help any academic paper stand out from others. Theyare available in different types, and they all are used bystudents to attract readers’ attention at once.

The Definition of Essay Hooks

Before you start learning how to write perfect hooks, you need toknow their definition. Basically, all hooks are catchy andinteresting sentences in the introduction of essays and theymotivate other to keep reading them. Hooks are quite a smallelement, but they are both engaging and informative. They musthave a deep meaning and help you introduce the main idea of youracademic paper.

How to Find the Best Hook

Analyze different examples of essay openings to get a better ideaof how efficient hooks need to look like. Think about importantideas that should be kept in mind before writing them. One of themost common mistakes made by students is giving a good starterand forgetting that it’s a part of their papers. That’s why youshouldn’t jump to discussing the chosen topic without anydemonstration of clear connections between your opening line andthe rest of your essay. Words can be very powerful, but they mayfail to support your argument if they aren’t related to yourwriting piece.

The right style and tone of your assignment mean everything. Forexample, when working on research papers on physics, youshouldn’t start with your personal childhood story. Make surethat your hooks for essays are appropriate and strong. First,it’s necessary to evaluate assignment prompts to know how tostart. You also need to consider the targeted audience. It’sclear that you shouldn’t write a paper for biology experts usingany teenager language because they won’t get any purpose of youracademic writing. When using any effective strategy to develop agood hook, think about the main purpose served by your essay andinclude it to let readers understand your opinion while enjoyingreading it.

How to Use Hooks in Essays

You need to mind where excellent hooks come from. You may want toinclude some curious facts on the chosen topic that isn’tfamiliar to any people. It’s advisable to find solid facts indifferent sources, including:

  • Magazines and newspapers;
  • Books and textbooks;
  • Scientific and academic journals;
  • Official published records;
  • Websites and interviews;
  • Films and documentaries.

The more credible and recent sources you use, the moretrustworthy your hooks will sound.

Different Types of Essay Hooks

To get a clearer understanding how hook sentences function inessay writing, you need to find excellent examples and use theirintros to learn different types of hooks.

Start with Interesting Facts

You can use the quotes taken as perfect hooks from reliableonline and other sources that contain only the most updatedinformation on widely discussed and critical subjects. Forinstance, there are many mobile subscribers who use theircomputing devices to read emails, while others use only mobiledevices to do the same.

Solid statistics help business owner launch their unique mobilesolutions. However, not all professors and teachers support theuse of digital and online sources, so you need to specify if thismethod of using hooks is allowed. The next step is moving to yourdiscussion of how mobile apps are excellent business ideas andproducts.

There are some distinct traditions in literature when it comes toa detailed analysis of adjective constructions and predicatenouns. This example covers the scientific and official papersthat can’t be humorous and start with any creative trope. Thiskind of introduction is quite straightforward, but it stillcontains a good hook. Introducing some conflicting ideas is agreat way to start your essay.

Jokes and Anecdotes Are Helpful

There are many anecdotes on different subjects that can be usedas excellent hooks for essays that will help you cover any chosentopic with enough humor. They will catch an eye of all readers bymaking them laugh. Consider a good idea of starting your essayson the importance of learning and speaking a secondary languagewith this type of hook. Keep in mind that all countries havetheir unique humor and forbidden jokes, so pick all the sentencesthat you write wisely.

Asking Questions in the Beginning

Feel free to play with different statistics and facts that can becombined into certain questions. For instance, you can userhetorical questions as effective hooks. They provide you with aperfect way to start your essay writing and give readers anoverall and clear picture of what this paper will talk about.Don’t forget to give answers in the text or in a concludingparagraph.

Essay Hooks of the Mixed Type

Readers often pay attention to the works that offer newinformation and start with any interesting facts as an effectivehooking idea. Make sure that your hook is quite powerful, clear,and short. You can open an academic paper with a strong statementthat promises a clear answer if people keep reading it. Use anyrhetorical question in your intro because it’s quite hooking andmost readers want to find answers. Besides, facts or questionswork well in analysis papers.

Use Literary Quotes to Express Yourself

Original social or philosophical phrases offer another excellentway to form essay hooks and grab readers’ attention. Consider anyparagraph and sentence that can force people to think and asksocial problems and important questions. If the chosen style ofacademic writing allows you to stay creative, search for anyoriginal and unusual way to press its major theme throughexcellent hooks for essays. Pay attention to the format of yourquotes because it may vary based on different essay writingstyles.

Setting an Interesting Scene

Memorize the examples of short stories from famous people to grabthe attention of your readers. This type of essay hook is focusedon the important role of your question and topic throughreal-life examples. Take into account the following examples:

  • Recall a story of Helen Keller who succeeded to writebrilliant books in spite of being blind;
  • Use a story of such celebrities as Bon Jovi to highlight theimportance of helping all disabled people both morally andfinancially by attending them in hospitals.

When writing any essay, you aren’t supposed to recall any eventsor examples from your own life. Teachers encourage you to sharethe stories of those people who serve as your role models. Theyshouldn’t necessarily be famous, but their life stories mustserve as excellent hooks linked to the chosen topic. All readerslike personal stories and they often wants to learn more aboutthe stories of all major characters because they find newemotions and ideas. Think about writing attention-grabbing andexciting essay beginnings. As an example, if you want to write apaper on jealousy, feel free to quote a famous book Othellowritten by William Shakespeare. That’s because it’s focused onthe issues caused by jealousy. Describe how Othello doesn’t wantto lose Desdemona Because of such stereotypes as his religion andskin color.

Using Metaphors and Similes as Essay Hooks

Practice using metaphors and similes as a great way to stateessays with interesting hooks. However, some people may not gettheir meaning from the first time, so it’s better to add a briefexplanation or description of their meaning. Otherwise, you maylose the targeted audience instead of attracting more readers.Good metaphors help you enrich your essay writing and make thewhole process more powerful.

Similes are popular literary tools used as essay hooks, and theyshow your ability to express ideas and feelings in a number oforiginal ways instead of being straightforward. To get a betterunderstanding of them, you need to read many poems, plays, andsong lyrics in addition to taking part in daily conversations.Consider the following examples when writing essay hooks:

  • As busy as a bee (to describe quite industrious people);
  • As cute as a puppy (to contrast something to itsadorableness);
  • As snug as a bug in a rug (to mean being tucked up tight).

Finally, there are other ways that can be used to start a hookingsentence, such as using numbers, statistics, and a thesis. It’sonly up to you to decide on the best option for your essay andmake the chosen hook beneficial.

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