Effects of Divorce on the Educational Achievement of any Child Essay

Nigeria: Effects of Divorce About Children's Education

By Gimba Abdullahi Liman, 15 06 2012

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Divorce is one of the many problems facing the family unit today. People have several views on the result of divorce on children but not a couple of analysts opine that when a couple of opt for divorce, the resultant effects with them and their children are most times unfavorable. The term 'divorce' came from the Latin term " Divortere" meaning to turn different ways or separate. Divorce is the final termination of marital union cancelling the legal tasks and required marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between parties. This can happen after a husband and wife make a decision not to live together ever again and that they shall no longer be interested in their very own marriage. It could sound basic but it is not easy for a husband and wife to decide to get rid of a long time, set up relationship, generally they use adequate length of time trying to handle problems before deciding to separate your lives (divorce). Joan Borysenko summarizes the whole thing in the quotation that " forgiveness is not really the misdirected act of condoning irresponsible, hurtful tendencies, nor is that a superefficient turning of other quarter that leaves us sense victimized and martyred. Alternatively it is the polishing off of outdated business that allowed us to experience the present, free of contamination from earlier. " Causes of divorce consist of adultery, infertility, desertion, neglectfulness, abusive treatment and cheating. However , education is an important tool which deals with the condition of lack of knowledge, superstition, fear, and purity and...

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