Beauty Dissertation

Jude Josue


Professor Dubson

English 111

Beauty is definitely something that is usually universally acknowledged. In most communities around the world, natural beauty is what signifies the level of success and focus that a person could obtain. The latter is the reason that most people will sacrifice a lot of things in a heart beat in order to become what society is convinced is amazing. Beauty, like everything, is known as a double-edged blade. It could both help somebody live a less complicated life or it could generate one's your life miserable. One of these could be a student in a class. If the college student is more attractive than the majority of the students in the classroom, there's a high chance which the teacher will give them fewer severe punishments than the other students. This kind of student will most likely have an much easier life in school by simply not having to consider receiving extreme punishment whenever they do something wrong. Another case could be a female who is making an application for a job. If the job comes down to two people, the employer would probably chose the one particular with the many physical appeal. While it offers them a less complicated life, natural beauty could also be a curse to them. Regarding the attractive student, the teacher's becoming lenient with them might cause these to start slacking in school and may have them thinking that they may do anything that they want without them having to worry about the teacher's punishments. The latter is not going to make them go through existence, because there is a high chance of carrying that same way of thinking through every thing that they're going to experience in life. That might cause them to become lazy and not work with their full potential. In the case of the woman that got the job due to attractiveness edge that this wounderful woman has, it might not be a a valuable thing for the organization that was going to hire her. If the employer just evaluated her based on her appears, they might've neglected something in the additional potential worker that could've made their very own business develop. Another thing that...

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