Creating a Portfolio Essay


Setting up a Portfolio

Just what Portfolio?

A portfolio attests to your operate,

accomplishments, and skills, and

documents the breadth and depth

of your ability and experience. That

rounds out a resume, making

you more attractive to employers

and increasing your odds of

being appointed or of receiving a


Basic Portfolio Contents

A generic portfolio might include these


• Name Page

• Table of Contents

• Personal claims (Mission,

Principles, and Goals)

Why is a



• Curriculum vitae

• 5-8 writing examples

• Short description in the

assignment or perhaps work project

• Simple description of the

contribution for the sample

• Education & Training (official

transcripts, relevant coursework)

• Experience & Skills

(internships, workshops,

management roles, languages)

• References

• Successes & Awards

(include hardcopies or digital

images in the event possible)

• References

Preparing Your Stock portfolio

As you compile your collection, you

can rearrange these components

and combine those to п¬Ѓt your set

of. For instance, you may

include education and training on

a resume, thus eliminating those

parts elsewhere.

Can be Inside?

Collection Options

Portfolio Tips

Reference Material




" In today's difficult job market, it is advisable to create a competitive difference or perhaps " brand" to generate interviews. To achieve that end, I inspire you to build an professional portfolio. A well-written resume portfolio presents a powerful, out-of-the-box alternative to a regular resume technique. " ~Don Straits, CEO o f Corporate Warriors

Hope University - Business office of Profession Services

Preparing Your Profile,


Or perhaps you might organize the whole stock portfolio by skill set (for occasion, Writing, Interaction, Leadership, 'languages', and other abilities and valuable qualities) and list the coursework, experience, and publishing samples beneath each planning.

The bulk of the portfolio needs to be dedicated to exhibiting your work, thus pick the pieces (often called " artifacts”) properly. Be picky: not all work will be tightly related to each company, and no 1 will dedicate hours of the time to read through every previous piece of the writing. Ideally, you should keep a basic bones of your portfolio, adding or perhaps removing bits to customize it to a specific business. As you choose pieces of composing, remember that also you can include CD-ROMs, videos, and other multimedia platforms, especially if you will be assembling your portfolio electronically. Employers choose to see the work you've done outside of class, so , to maximize your portfolio, choose in least half the samples from out-of-class composing:










a paper written for the Point, the Sentinel, or another journalistic publication a creative piece from your Opus yet another literary log

a pamphlet, brochure, or web text for a student club/organization or perhaps area workplace a pr release or leaflet for a conference

a personal dissertation that displays self-insight and demonstrates your ability to paint vivid photographs with words a brief survey prepared for a community project

an essay or additional writing job showing your ability to examine and fix a problem a great academic essay or record based on п¬Ѓeld research, library research, or both a good example of a collaboratively written file accompanied by a explanation of how they worked and what you contributed

Portfolio Options

There are 3 basic forms for portfolios—standard hardcopy, e-folio (on a CD), and online—each with its own pros and cons. Some things to consider when choosing a profile type:

Standard Hardcopy

Positives: Assembling a hardcopy is not hard and straightforward for anyone unfamiliar with doing work online, as well as your portfolio will not be lost in case your computer failures.

Negatives: Seeing that organizations rarely have time to review portfolios during a job interview, presenting it can be a problem: you...

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