Credit Management of Jamuna Bank Ltd: Submission of Internship Statement Essay

Credit Management


Jamuna Bnak Limited

(Rupshi Branch)

Notification of Transmittal

March twenty four, 2012

Masud Ibn Rahman

Assistant Teacher Head

Office of Real-estate

Daffodil Foreign University

Subject: Submission of internship survey

Dear Sir,

I want to submit my internship report upon " Credit Menagement of Jamuna Bank LTD- a study on Rupshi Branch, Narayangonj”. Knowledge that have been achieved throughout the internship period and preparation of this report will help myself in many ways in practical field. Due to firm policy, few things or perhaps idea have never been investigated perfectly. I am hoping you will evaluate this survey considering most limitations. I actually belief the feedback can help me out in near future. Thanks to your kind cooperation in accomplishes my personal task given by you. If you want further logic on virtually any issue, My spouse and i am for your use at any time of your convenience. You may contact me in [email protected] edu. bd.

Sincerely yours,


Ariful Islam

ID: 081-11-219

Batch- nineteenth

Department of Business Government

Faculty of Business & Economics

Daffodil International College or university

Certificate of Approval

This can be certify that Ariful Islam, ID: 081-11-219, a student of Bachelor of Business Government, Daffodil Intercontinental University proved helpful under my personal supervision during her internships placement in Jamuna Financial institution Limited, Rupshi Branch Narayangonj on the subject of Credit Menagement- A report on Rupshi Branch”. We am pleased to state that Ariful Islam performed hard in preparing this report and she has had the opportunity to present a great picture from the concerned corporation. The data and findings provided in the report seem to be traditional.

Ariful Islam possesses a good moral personality and satisfying personality. If only her almost all success.


Masud Ibn Rahman

Assistant Professor& Head

Section of Real estate property

Daffodil Intercontinental University


Theoretical and practical know-how does not constantly move to precisely the same direction. Theory differs in a great way through the operation and implication. Undoubtedly that, to justify the theoretical expertise practical orientation has superb importance. An Internship software brings the students closer to the practical globe. This understanding of the universities has introduced the machine & provision of Internships program intended for the students of BBA to get better understanding and conclusion of the useful job environment.

The internship program has provided us large opportunity to decrease the gap between theoretical knowledge. Since BBA student, it was our great delight to be in touch with the organization since Jamuna Financial institution Limited which is undoubtedly the most efficient and best doing banking establishment in our region. My practical experience through doing different activities of the lender as well as this internship improved my total experience about real world sensation.


To begin with, I lengthen my profound gratitude to the Almighty Thor, the omnipresent and omnipotent, who allowed me to accomplish this process on time. I find myself satisfied and glad that we have accomplished this study within specific duration.

This internship report might not have been finished without the important practical understanding, assistance of countless books, content, websites, and primary data. This enhanced my own knowledge about Loan Recovery System. Due to all those individuals, who have helped me, offering me co-operation, books and articles, I would really like to express my special appreciation to my personal supervisor Masud Ibn Rahman, assistant professor & mind Department of Real Estate Daffodil International University, for his motivating inspiration, kind direction, valuable recommendations & advices during my internship period and prepare this kind of report.

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