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In May 2k, Sonia Syngal, director of procurement approach and distributor relations for Sun Microsystems, needed to produce a critical decision. Under Sonia's leadership, the business had merely completed their first " dynamic bidding” pilot assessments and as a result, cut its finding costs simply by 30 percent. Given these benefits, the potential for price cutting via the implementation of a dynamic bidding system over a widespread range at Sun was tremendous; on an annual basis, the business was currently spending about $9 billion in direct materials procurement.



While the potential to significantly save money was obvious, Sonia acquired several other problems to consider. First, Sunlight had invested heavily in developing good relationships with its suppliers. How would these kinds of suppliers act in response if Sun were to begin awarding their contracts through online auctions? Could Sun possibly damage their relationships with key suppliers? Also, at the time, the market demand for servers was extremely excessive, but the availability of the key immediate materials Sunlight needed to create its servers was so scarce that suppliers literally were deciding on which consumers to satisfy. Sonia worried that if the suppliers were unhappy, they would avoid Sun's business and choose to work with other server manufacturers. In addition to its suppliers, Sonia as well wondered how Sun's inner constituents would react. Most of the commodity administrators at Sunlight had spent years trying to identify the simplest way to work with the company's suppliers. Will they become resistant to this abrupt modify and/or could they feel that their careers were threatened by this new technology? Finally, Sonia knew that if she were to force for dynamic bidding on a broader size, she would must make sure she picked the best application vendor. Considering that the market for applications with this space was so populated, she knew this would be a horrible task.

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