Establishing a Safe and Healthy and balanced Learning Environment Essay

п»їCompetency Goal one particular

To establish a secure, healthy, learning environment

Efficient Area one particular: Safe

One of my desired goals in the functional area of secure is to prevent or reduce injuries on the sports ground while children are in my proper care. This is a significant goal intended for the preschool age group mainly because young children are unaware of the risks in the outdoor environment associated with behaviors that may cause them harm. I will accomplish this when you are aware of the areas that are " hazardous” and making sure that I am supervising all kids accurately. I usually make sure youngsters are where I can have visual and auditory contact on them. I often check to ensure all the exterior equipment is totally free of hazardous supplies, i. at the. free of deterioration, splinters, rust, openings which have been 3. 5”-9”, and looking at that slides don't have open areas where string could cause strangulation. Functional Area 2: Healthier

One of my personal goals inside the functional area of healthy should be to model the importance of correct hygiene. Personally i think this is a significant goal to get preschool children because young kids do not understand great hygiene is a good way to avoid distributing infections and diseases. A good way I do this is by cleaning my hands before helping the children open up their en-cas, after to arrive from outdoors, and some other time that my hands may be dirty. I help the children to properly wash their very own hands with a few hand washing techniques into my lessons planning (I have tunes that they can sing, so that they happen to be washing all their hands no less than 20 seconds). I likewise make sure that children are using their very own bedding. I actually sanitize and wash bedding weekly. I disinfect gadgets that may have already been coughed and sneezed upon immediately and wash or sanitize other toys biweekly. I ask for that parents bring healthy food for their kids lunches and removing contaminants such as peanut butter. I sit with the children and model very good eating habits. Efficient Area several: Learning...

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