History 106 Essay

Peace keeping Tasks


Unarmed monitoring

Maintain a physical presence

" Dextraze inside the Congo”

How peacefulness keeping is usually kept in 1950's



Non-threating behaviour

UNEF in Egypt

The 1950's

The rise and decline of peacekeeping

A authorities priority mainly because it falters in practice

1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Kennedy – create a quarantine

Behind the scenes


First-time military solutions were applied despite the prime minister Deal with over using missiles

Lester B. Pearson can be elected and is a peace-maker, then he decides that nuclear weaponry should still be allowed Pearson's soldiers is started out of Egypt

Pierre Elliot Trudeau succeeds Pearson THE MOMENT?

Local Protesting and sides an abetting war

Assassinations in 1968


A New security policy

New functions under trudeau

ISCS (S. Vietnam) 1973

UNEF II (Egypt)1974

UNDOF (Golan Heights) 1974

UnFil (S. Lebanon) 1978

For what reason take part

The post conflict influence was over

Less agreement in our different roles

A return to the Golden Age group

A nonmilitary role for the army


a thing that US won't be able to do

The eighties

EL peacekeepers win the Nobel Prize

UNIIMOG (Iran/Iraqu) 1988

Should we all go into this sort of a dangerous place without a open public debate? Did Peacekeeping die with the Cool War?

The revival of the UN

The fall of Militaries

New challenges

The Chilly War Ends

A new peacekeeping era begins

Namibia (UNTAG) 1989

Civilial observers

RCMP representatives

" guarantors of peacefulness and democracy”

Armed forces involvement reduces more civilian involvement

Schedule for Serenity, 1992

UN Secretary-General Bhoutros-Ghali

A web of activity which include " peacemaking and ordinaire enforcement” Canada is lukewarm

A rapid reaction push?

A danger to Canadian sovereignty

1990 soldier society progress golf course oaka Quebec Peacekeeping

Somalia: A Failed Express


Canada primarily chooses not to go,...

Birds of Canada Notes Essay