Individual Variations Essay

If you go into any job no matter where you are in the world you will come across a multitude of different personalities and behaviours. An individual's individuality doesn't merely affect the individual, but everybody around them. Managers are responsible for recognizing and treating workers as individuals and not while groups. There is no way an individual can be cared for the same way as the next person because we all differ. We observe one another's actions trying to understand what we come across, this is called " browsing a person" which may could be accurate (Robbins, & Judge, 2010). Individual actions are determined by many factors such as environment, traditions, beliefs and the quality of life. Attitude is expressed in either satisfaction or dissatisfaction plus the interaction between them. If a person has a feeling of unhappiness on the job, it can have an affect consist of areas as well such as personal life. A person may have discontent at work due to pressure, frustration or feeling alone. There are many different types of individuality. Personality is a sum total of ways in which someone reacts to and interacts with others (2010). Managers need to be capable to measure individuality in order to make useful hiring decisions and they can accomplish this by giving character test and assessing the results. Some strategies that mangers use to measure an individual's personality is allowing them to rate themselves in a survey. The weakness in that way to assess individual personality is the fact a person may lie on the study. Another type of method used is definitely an viewer rating survey. This method is more accurate than the self record survey mainly because another person will certainly observe and rate could be personality. There are two popular methods that are used to assess personality The Myers Briggs Type Indication (MBTI) as well as the Big Five Personality Model (Big Five). The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is considered the most widely used in the world. Individuals...

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