Alan Lightman’s «Progress» Composition

In Joe Lightman's Improvement; the article writer believes which the general thought about advancement in technology being the measuring scale for society's progress is actually a logical argument; the two ideas mentioned from this paragraph point out Lightman's home contradictory, yet relative and valid details. In the last paragraph Lightman states, " If improvement is human being happiness, has anyone shown that Twentieth- hundred years people are more content than Nineteenth-century people? " Alan Lightman makes it clear that scientific advancements are not a true indication of society's progress. He hints which a better sign would be " human happiness". I agree with the writer mainly because happiness in my experience is the genuine measuring size of progress.

Technology has become evolving since man created the tyre. In any presented era or perhaps time in background the technology or skills has always been with the highest level; it is only down the line in history which enables technology in the past seem to be old or " out-dated". Twenty-five years from today today's technology can seem out of date, even though as of this present time it is the very best man may manage. Lightman's second thought comes close to contradicting himself, but it still makes a valid stage. The writer states, " Only a fool might claim that new-technology rarely improves the quality of life". Lightman problems his previous statement by indicating that technology improves the quality of life. This is certainly a " slight" conundrum because if technology " improves the caliber of life", it aids in individual happiness. It indicates that individuals are happy when the quality of life is definitely high. Indirectly, the article writer points out that advancement in technology tends to make people cheerful. I don't agree with this due to the fact that a high-quality life-style is certainly not the sole reason why people are content. People locate happiness in non-covetous things like religion, relatives, reading, mother nature etcetera. Lightman's contradictory concepts lay out an ideal platform pertaining to an covered, protected meaning of progress. To summarize, there...

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