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Information Technology Tactical Plan

Riordan Manufacturing Cina Manufacturing Facility Moving Sayed Abdelrahman, William Dubose, Alan Erb, John Rodie, Eric Sillman CMGT 578

December twenty-four, 2014

KenRoy Regester, MS

Information Technology Proper Plan

Exec Summary

The program should begin having a summary targeted for the organization audience.


Purpose of the routine.


High-level goals and plans for any areas of i . t that impact the business, not merely the infrastructure. A road map for IT pays to in illustrating overall approach. Business Way

Lay out the actual business drivers, assumptions and plans that informed the IT strategic plan. (For example, the business is going to acquire more compact companies and so its plan is to focus on integration technologies. ). Current IT Facilities

Riordan Manufacturing China procedure in Hangzhou is configured as a standalone self-contained system, depicted in Figure 1 . The system is divided up into 4 main areas, office software, research and development (R & D), servers and network attached storage (NAS), and interaction (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). The THIS staff in China are contract personnel reporting to a local THAT manager. The IT administrator for the China center reports to Maria Trinh, Riordan Manufacturing's Chief Info Officer (CIO). non-e of the China THAT department's workers, except for the Manager happen to be Riordan workers (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). The office automation function consists of 35 Dell Vostrro computers configured with Microsoft Windows 7, Office, and links to suitable corporate directories and devices running on a single of the servers. The computer systems utilize a 100BaseT wired Ethernet, backbone intended for connectivity towards the servers and local printers. The dimensions of the computer hard disks is held small to make sure that company info is kept on one of the NAS systems. The 3rd there�s r & Deb function consists of 15 Apple Mac Pro work stations with dual six-core processors and large screens. Local printing is done using one of three Photocopied color ink jet printers or the Hewlett Packard (HP) large foundation plotter. The R & D function is serviced by a dedicated International Organization Machines (IBM) HS20 Cutter Server with dual Xenon (xe) multicore processors and an ardent 1000BaseF fiber optic Ethernet network. The R & D network is coupled to the company 100BaseT backbone via a gateway/switch to expedite network traffic across the two networks. The hardware farm consists of two IBM HS20 Cutting tool Servers and a single IBM pSeries Multiprocessor. All three machines and the remainder of the pcs use an Iomega P800M EM for data storage. The pSeries server hosts the enterprise source planning (ERP) system via Systems, Applications, and Procedures (SAP). Both the blade servers function as a network server and Windows Exchange server. Every one of the servers and NAS happen to be powered by simply an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). The connection functions includes a dedicated Ka Band protected satellite basic station for bidirectional connection to corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Phone communications are addressed by a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) through one of the web servers and out either the satellite website link or a local internet connection, with regards to the call vacation spot. A dedicated broadband connection to the net is handled through a committed VOIP/Data router and firewall appliance. Every servers, NAS, and dish base station equipment are located in a single space in the main job site. The THIS server room is equipped with dedicated power lines, false floor coverings, and Halon fire protection systems. Entry to the hardware room can be controlled by card and pin get locks in each entry. Upcoming IT Infrastructure

Document the IT facilities after the facility relocation. IT Gap Via Current to Future

Advanced gap analysis.

Business Continuity

Outsourcing a company is no easy move to make, and...

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Figure 1 . Riordan China IT Facilities

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