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2 . 5 Meals Safety Job File

Directions: Complete the meals safety interactive quiz. Make use of the information in the interactive to discover to finish the following reactions regarding foodstuff safety methods.

For each from the following foodstuff safety methods, share for least 2 statements through the interactive to discover. Be sure to put these statements that you really need words and explain how come they are helpful in preventing food borne disease. An example will be: When cusine from a buffet, be sure hot foodstuff is sizzling and cool food is usually cold. Meals that is 40 – a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit (f) has already started to grow bacteria and pathogens.

Clean (16 points):

1 .

Make use of antibacterial cleanser on almost all food prep surfaces

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Wear a hair net

Separate (16 points):

1 .

Keep raw meats and able to eat foods separate

2 .

Cook (16 points):

1 .

Proper temp

2 .

prepare meats throughly

Chill (16 points):

1 )

Store foodstuff in shut down containers

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Refrigerate promptly

In your own home, explain a couple of food basic safety practices you are feeling your family may improve and 2 foodstuff safety procedures you feel your household does very well. (16 points)

Cleaning the counters after cutting meats. Clean hands often

About what ways carry out your school and community practice or perhaps promote foodstuff safety to contribute to your own health? (20 points) Rinse lemons prior to putting all of them in your drink. Washing the tables with a new clean publication everytime.

My children cook meals at correct temperatures and ensure that meals is chilled right away. In addition they don't cross- contaminate.

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