lt3 responses Essay

LT3 draft one particular feedback.

Read comments & suggestions.

Examine around your area.

Reapproach the texts.

So your items can tick all the Analysis Objective packing containers, aim to produce a relevant, crystal clear point and can include detailed analysis of l, s, n, with lingo, a reference to context, discussion of critic/ alternate interpretation, a comparison or reference to another text message in every single point. Subject

Include your subject Explore (whatever your emphasis is) in Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh plus the Selected Poetry Tony Harrison. Illuminate the answer with regards to Death of the Salesman by simply Arthur Miller'. AO1 (5 marks)

Create an introduction that introduces the writers, text messaging and contexts. Include a thesis statement within your introduction which will sums up your topic titles. Each portion of your composition will check out one theme heading and compare how H, T & M approach it and what their message is. In a ‘topic section' (eg the writers most explore inconsistant ideas regarding faith.... ), link back to your topic keywords to give your essay coherence. The analysis sections of your essay use detailed examination to argue/ demonstrate your point, and sum up the findings/ writer's intentions. You narrative, or make statements – present with evaluation of estimates. Make sure your manifestation is appropriate and crystal clear and that the essay follows a clear debate.. Use terms whenever you can – this is a literary essay and wishes literary terms. Include lingo in all your items. Finish using a conclusion that will not repeat what you've already written. Ideas: Sum up up your findings. An excellent place to hyperlink to context of writers and readers. Maybe evaluate the influence of these works on society then simply, and now. Will be the writers' emails still relevant? Why? Critics' comments that you discuss can be handy here. A ‘floating' critics' comment that you don't comment on/discuss is a little pointless! How are the writers similar/ different?

AO2 (15 markings VERY IMPORTANT! )

You MUST talk about specific usage of language, techniques, structure, type and go over effects / writers' motives. Your findings about writers' messages should develop coming from analysis of quotes. Strive for at least one quote per text to be unpicked and investigated in detail for every section. You can also support the quote with embedded quotations.

Attribute or build your rates. Who, where, when.

Eg When Willy goes to see Howard in Act 2

The skinhead shows his frustration is caused by the lack of jobs ‘What really riles a groundling... etc' In the beginning of Book 1 Charles remembers…


You require a brief review for each composition you use that addresses the question and backlinks to your particular topic point. Select key lines that happen to be relevant to your point. You can find it difficult to go over structure unless you use much longer quotes. Offer and talk about techniques.

Embed short quotes, indent longer kinds.

‘Floating quotes' teach you can choose ‘appropriate support' but you cannot get any marks intended for AO2, if you discuss effect/ connotations and so forth Make sure your quotes are relevant and support your items. To show a ‘grasp of implied meaning' you have to teach you understand what the words/ tactics suggest/ what impression they give. Make sure you reveal structural options. You need to demonstrate can touch upon how the creator has established their function. Points on structure can include:

Beautifully constructed wording

How does the poem get started and end? What happens in the middle? What happens in each stanza/ section? Will the poet work with enjambement? How come?

Does the poet use end-stopped lines? So why?

Comment on punctuation effects to slow the pace, stress words, present uncertainty/ feelings. Is there a vocally mimic eachother scheme? Can it be regular? Is there full/ 1 / 2 rhymes? Are you able to comment on interesting metrical effects?


How does the story begin and end? What happens in the middle? What are the turning items? Titles of Books

What's just happened/ gonna happen?

How exactly does an...

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