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Book Title - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Author - Suzanne Collins Settings: Place – Region 2, 12, and 13 and the Capitol, Panem Period – Between the future (ofcourse not specifically stated) * Katniss goes back to district doze where the lady finds the remains from the bombed region. * Katniss takes share of her new situation as a digital rebel in Section 13. � * Peeta wasn't saved from the 1 / 4 Quell and is also still kept hostage by the capitol. * Katniss determines to be the Mockingjay for the rebel part and in come back she gets immunity and permission to kill Chief executive Snow. 2. Beetee makes Katniss a particular weapon.

* Katniss has to be in commercials pertaining to the digital rebel side named propos. 5. Peeta sent a coded message to District 13 that the Polish capitol is going to explosive device them, and as a result to that the Capitol produces footage of Peeta being tortured which disturbs Katniss a lot. * The Polish capitol bombs Section 13, just as Peeta cautioned them, as well as the citizens of District 13 go subterranean for a couple of days and nights until the bombing has ended. * Katniss makes a propo saying that they are going to rescue Peeta. * That they rescue Peeta and a few other prisoners yet Peeta has become brainwashed to hate Katniss and as shortly as he perceives her this individual tries to kill her. 2. They go to District a couple of to decide whether they should assault the Polish capitol humanely or perhaps inhumanely. 5. Katniss gets shot.

* Katniss reunites with Joanna, another victor from The Food cravings Games 5. Finnick and Annie get married.

2. Katniss, Gale, and Finnick are designated to a unique unit that will be filmed during combat and turned into more propos. 5. They have a decide to kill chief executive snow, yet it's a suicide mission. * Katniss's sister Prim passes away in the challenge to destroy President Snow. * The rebels have captured President Snow.

* Katniss visits Leader Snow and he attempts to blame Chief executive Coin for a lot of that's took place. * Within a meeting prior to President Snow's execution, Director Coin says that the staying victors must vote upon should the new rebel govt continue together with the Hunger Video games or not. * Katniss votes in favor for the Hunger Game titles to start once again. * At the execution of President Snow, Katniss was supposed to blast President Snow with her bow and arrows but instead the lady shot Chief executive Coin. * President Snow died eventually.

* Katniss was condoned during her trial and she is sent back to Area 12 along with Haymitch and Peeta. * Gale has vanishes in another Section.

* Peeta and Katniss begin having a romance and later they have kids. 1 . Katniss can be many things: the hunter, the hunted, a pal, a lover, a sister and daughter, a Panem celebrity, and the Mockingjay. But in trying to be so many things to a lot of people, she loses sight of who the girl actually accustomed to be a couple of short years ago. Katniss a new strong and clear personality before the girl entered the Games. She was a young lady who thrived on staying her family's caretaker and providing individuals. A girl who have sought out flexibility wherever she could find that. A girl who would protect her little sibling, Prim, without exceptions, even if it meant declining in the Being hungry Games. 2 . Katniss's mom is more of your absence than a presence in Mockingjay. Although Katniss gets to invest some time with her mom while they're both refugees in District 13, Katniss is usually busy practicing her situation as the Mockingjay and her mom seems just as busy working being a valued team in the hospital. After the turbulent events from the war, Katniss and her mother are separated again. Katniss's mother is emaciated by the decrease of Prim, and can't pin the consequence on her. Finally, Katniss's mother goes off to help other people in other districts, mainly because she aren't bear...

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