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QuestionВ 1. Query: Which from the following musicals were based in classic takes on and literary works? В Scholar Answer: В Showboat, South Pacific and The Full and I В В South Pacific cycles, The Sound of Music, and Pal Joey

Candide, Slide carousel, and Porgy and Bess

Candide, My personal Fair Female, and Western Side Account

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Comments: QuestionВ 2. Question: These types of small instrumental ensembles had been used because military artists in the Innovative War: В Student Answer: В Drumlines.

Bagpipe corps.

Fife and drum corps.

Fiddle bands.

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Responses: QuestionВ 3. Problem: The tools used in minstrel shows usually included: В Student Answer: В a fiddle, guitar, and drum.

a tambourine, a couple of bones, a banjo, and a concertina. В В a fiddle and a guitare.

a any guitar, banjo, and drum.

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Comments: QuestionВ 4. Problem: __________ was known as the most famous singing college master and composer. В Student Answer: В William Billings

Lowell Mason

Daniel Browse

John Calvin

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Comments: Question 5. Question: Identity the composer of the American classics " Yankee Design Dandy” and " Provide My Regards to Broadway. ”  Student Response:  George Meters. Cohan

Irving Berlin

Victor Herbert

Franz Lehar

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Comments: QuestionВ 6. Issue: A __________ was performed for the finale of a minstrel show by the troupe browsing a semi-circle and damaged off in twos switching movement with singing. В Student Response: В song and dance quantity

walkaroundВ В circle song

very soft shoe move

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Comments: QuestionВ 7. Question: Dark-colored slaves often used __________ to communicate with each other around acres of land. В Student Response: В spirituals

discipline hollers

work songs


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Comments: QuestionВ 8. Question: The singing educational institutions of the eighteenth century had been started since: В Pupil Answer: В European singing professionals had moved to America and were looking for operate. В В the quality of singing in colonial church buildings had produced so bad that enterprising American amateur music artists began journeying from area to town teaching visitors to sing and to read music. В В colonial public colleges were instructed to provide instructions in vocal. В В puritan preachers essential their parishioners to study vocal singing so that they may sing in church finirs. В Details Received: three or more of 3

Comments: QuestionВ 9. Query: A new way of reading music that was promoted by the singing school teachers around the time for the nineteenth century was called: В Student Response: В solfege.

the Kodaly method.


shaped-note singing.

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Remarks: QuestionВ 10. Issue: What is the first audio play to earn it is authors a Pulitzer Award? В College student Answer: В Showboat

Porgy and Bess

Start the Band

Of The I SingВ

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Comments: Question 11. Question: Irving Berlin solitary handedly wrote the Christmas song, __________;  the Easter music, __________; and thepatriotic song, __________.  Scholar Answer:  " Chestnuts Cooking on an Open up Fire”; " Easter Parade”; " The almighty Bless America”   " White Christmas”; " My personal Easter Bonnet”; " Fight Hymn in the Republic”   " Metallic Bells”; " Easter Parade”; " Start the Band”   " White Christmas”; " Easter Parade”; " God Bless America”  Points Received: 3 of three

Comments: QuestionВ 12. Question: Which in turn of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals was based on among T. S i9000. Eliot's literature of poetry? В College student Answer: В Phantom of the Opera

EvitaВ В Jesus Christ Celeb


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Remarks: QuestionВ 13. Issue: When various voices are singing slightly different versions of the identical melody the feel is referred to as: В Student Solution: В a cappella.

shaped-note vocal singing.



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