office administration sba Article

п»їStatement of Matter

To determine the duties and responsibilities of the Management Assistant with the Cable Office.


The objectives of this project are:

To investigate the duties and responsibilities of the administrative associate To determine the significance of the Management Assistant for the organization.

Features of the Cable connection Department

On the Cable Division, the features of an Management Assistant areto make and cancel visits on behalf of a great executive and to greet the customer or potential business person in the most polite way.

Abbott Village,

West Farm,

Saint Kitts.

seventeen October, 2012

Ms Judith Hewlet

The Administrative Associate,

The Cable connection Department,

Cathedral Street,


Dear Ms Hewlet,

My spouse and i am a fifth form student with the Verchilds Senior high school. In an effort to total my University Based Examination, I am writing this letter looking for permission to conduct an interview with you as well as to do some findings of the Management Assistant. I would really like to find out the duties in the secretary and exactly how his or her operate benefits the company. I hope that you would scholarhip me permission to have this interview. I would personally be extremely grateful since this would help to make it simpler for me to finish my Office Administration Institution Based Evaluation Project. Bless you in advance to your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


Tashaun Greene


The device that the investigator used to gather the informationwas an interview. The researcher interviewed the Administrative Assistant around the 21st of October, 2013 and recorded responses through the discussion. This instrument is utilized by asking an Ms. Hewlet in that specific business place inquiries whether face to face or over the telephonewhich is pertinent to the business to gather info. This tool was selected over other folks because more questions could be asked and the researcher could get a better understanding of the data. In addition , the interviewer can get suggestions that were not clearly recognized by the respondent, this way is more effective and faster when it comes to getting the data.

Five significant questions

1 ) What gear do you value to complete your projects?

2 . What are the duties in the business?

three or more. What are the documents utilized in the business?

4. What are the legislations that govern the company?

5. Are there any health and basic safety rules?

Plan of Activity





The guidelines to get the SBA was handed to the specialist from the educator The instructor explained anything that should or perhaps should not be done in the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 14/9/12

The researcher started out research within the first half a dozen tasks in the project A past scholar corrected the project make a few adjustments


My spouse and i spoke while using secretary to find her agreement about the interview The secretary was pleased to response and stated yes


The SBA was delivered back to the specialist in an email

The instructor corrected the project


The investigator was on job add-on to receive further information regarding the task It was a success and all the knowledge required was collect 21/12/12

The interview was carried out

It was effective


The teacher obtained with pupils to ask regarding the job have the students replied well, it benefited many of them


The SBA was sent to the teacher

Teacher produced some alterations to the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION


The SBA was sent back for the researcher to get corrected

The researcher delivered back the correction to the educator

Rules and Regulations


One legislation that governs the work place that the specialist had to be aware about is...

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