Olmo Schnabel Essay

For my own reading task I read The Appropriation of Cultures by simply Percival Everett. Percival Everett is an American distinguished article writer and presently is a mentor at the University or college of The south. The protagonist of the history is Daniel Barkley a pointy musician who also studied in Brown University. Barkley failed to have to job and had lots of money that he had collected because of the fatality of his aunt. Since Barkley don't need to work he discovered himself playing music and reading generally of his day. Upon occasions he'd go are musicians at a bar close to the Campus with the University of South Carolina which is in which the story flowers. While Daniel is playing which includes old guys a team of white fraternity kids yelled at him to play Dixie. Dixie was obviously a very renowned confederate anthem, but Daniel wasn't bothered by the request and earnings to play the song. The frat males were and so surprised that they can stormed out of the bar. Afterwards in the account Daniel demands on getting a truck with a confederate flag on it because he claims which the flag may be the black power flag and creates all type of misunderstandings. All the white-colored people halted using the flag and the Photography equipment Americans started flying this as a symbol of their Southern Blood. The flag goes away eventually as the African People in america stop using it too. I seriously loved the story because of the irony that Percival Everett produces. His leading part finds a method to play brain games with everyone by if she is not offended by past and using unfavorable symbols including the flag and Dixie as a means of making the ignorant light people to " look away, look aside, look away…”. I don't find the storyplot relative to times now because America generally has progressed from when the story occurs, but it is usually relative to my own history and I believe Percival Everett did a great job evoking the irony in his story when the truth is the situation was one that must be taken extremely seriously.

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