outline of drug abuse counsellor Essay



1 . treat persons in restoration

a. help talk about, understand, and cope with their very own problems installment payments on your work to stop drug and alcohol mistreatment

3. educate parents to get involved in children's exposure to substance 4. counsel family and friends of addicts

a. asks questions and concerns they might have b. finds out that they think habit is impacting their existence c. works with them to end up being supportive and helpful a few. helps people that may be frightened they will turn into addicts six. help addict find a job, real estate, etc .

7. work together with treatment group to come up with greatest recovery program

a. clinical assessment

-type, amount, period of use

-cultural issues

-effects of use about individuals lifestyle

-current medical problems and medication

*mental health insurance and behavioral challenges

-legal, economical, employment, stableness situation

*previous incarceration, and so forth

-education qualifications

-current living situation and environment

-previous treatment/attemps of recovery

m. course of treatment

-determine if medical supervision in detoxification product required

-hospital unit

-supervised outpatient middle

- watches progress, situation,, overall health

-outside facility

*keep exposure to patient

*speak regularly with case manager

*one-on-one counselling

*answer questions/concerns patient provides

*monitor improvement

*speak with other care companies

II. edu. Requirements

A. General

1 . minimum high school graduation diploma

2 . can begin in social assistance setting with bachelor's

a. 2 years (on job training)

b. a lot of colleges teaching programs (2 years)

-- on associated with drugs liquor

-on problems intervention

*emergency situations

mental/emotional and medical

3. can also get authorized by NBCC (national board of qualified counselors) some. some...

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