Science-a Very good Servant yet a Bad Learn Essay

SCIENCE-A VERY GOOD SERVENT ALTHOUGH A BAD EXPERT. EVOLUTION: Since olden times man has been in the everlasting quest for knowledge and data. Due to this desire of his he provides gained knowledge in various fields. During the ancient moments man's desires and cravings were very less nevertheless these started growing person began conceiving new concepts. Through scientific research man offers miraculous inventions. Science today has made their presence believed in every discipline of existence. SCIENCE -- A GOOD SERVENT:

In the field of transport, man has made advancements in leaps and bounds. The invention was your wheel apart from the usual vehicles, ships, teaches, planes and so forth Space travelling is now a reality with Yuri Gagarin staying the 1st man to the huge cleaner Science has additionally made marketing communications simpler and faster. By simply sitting in each of our home we could watch occasions live on televisions as and when they will happen in a part of the world. Also video-conferencing has made this possible for a doctor in one portion of the world to teach his patient's surgery in another part of the globe. In the field of remedies science has given all of us life in the form of death combating medicines. This has increased the standard life of human being by many people years. Electrical energy, Science's boon to mankind. Electricity is something that we cannot perform without. Electrical energy powers each of our lights, enthusiasts, computers, refrigerators, TV's. That charges the mobile phones and also other gadgets. Scientific research has provided us a number of other positive aspects. It has helped in the field of irrigation, sports, real-estate...... and so on. The huge benefits of scientific research are many. In reality science takes on a major function as a good servant to human being. RESEARCH - A BAD MASTER:

" But like everything science has also it's drawbacks, it's limitations" Accidents because of wrong signals to teaches and damage to tracks lead to lose of thousands of lives every year. Aircraft engines...

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