Self Evaluation Essay

Results from Self-Assessment Activity via Downing OnCourse-----------------------------------------------------------Student: Jason Nugent Instructor: Sara Henson Program: Study Strategies/ HD information CRN 1518 Your Score: Self-Assessment Region: ----------- --------------------- 71 Rating 1: Receiving Personal Responsibility 75 Score 2: Finding Self-Motivation sixty-five Score 3: Mastering Self-Management 44 Credit score 4: Employing Interdependence sixty five Score a few: Gaining Self-Awareness 68 Credit score 6: Using Lifelong Learning 62 Report 7: Expanding Emotional Intellect 63 Report 8: Thinking in MyselfScore Range: Results Within This Selection Indicate... ------------ --------------------------------------------------------------- zero - 39... an area where your choices can seldom obtain you upon course. 40 - 63... an area where your choices is going to sometimes get you upon course. sixty four - 85... an area where your choices will most likely keep you on course. 1 ) Write about areas on the self-assessment in which you had your maximum scores. By doing the self-assessment, I as well learned that We control my destiny. By the daily options I make in life and goals i set. Let me achieve success by simply setting affordable short term goals and road blocks to overcome. Most of all is definitely the ability to maintain motivation. installment payments on your Write about the areas of the self-assessment in which you had your most affordable scores. By doing the self-assessment, I also learned that I need to work on becoming more interpersonal. More amazing, working in groups and requesting others pertaining to help. I fear denial, even with understanding this I am inclined to struggle through challenges on my own. I are excited to be in this class because I will be forced to work together with others and turn into more comfortable. I might also like to work on focusing myself psychologically.

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