Shaun Bronze the Arrival Essay

By using a subtle mixture of aspects lent from continuous and storybook art, The Arrival is a graphic new which explores the trip of a migrant.  Any potential problems are communicated through designs that, throughout the monochromatic sepia color palette, crinkled texture and page structure, resemble aged memories and photographs; lending the story the credibility and inclusivity that are associated with family collections. The wordless nature in the story stresses the protagonist's inability to communicate with individuals around him, and the term ‘alienation' can be realized in the literal illustrations of the new country having its alien creatures. Most of the surrounding peoples' looks are in blurred and in shadow, indicating the unwelcoming and impersonalized feeling the persona activities. War-torn countries are depicted as underneath attack of giants bearing flamethrowers and gigantic tentacles; or a city that appears vast and labyrinthine. These types of visual metaphors represents the struggles of ‘finding a person's way' throughout the hostile environment and the oppressive power of specialists. The persona's family's mark of their place homeland is an origami bird. This becomes a leitmotif as it looks in their home and, afterwards in the text, their letters to one another. Nevertheless , as the persona and begins to locate his perception of belonging in the fresh country, the bird can be replaced with the creature befriended by the identity: which has, in itself, become a characterisation of the protagonist's growing acceptance of, through, the new culture. The persona's frustration and distress as he arrives inside the new region are described through body language, size and angles. He is initially unrecognizable in a full-page high-angle image of the small migrants, together with the enormous metropolis in the background. After completing assessments and getting literally branded by the examiners, twelve frames are devoted to his unprofitable attempts of communication, punctuated by the scratch of his head, the burying of his confront in...

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