The Values of a Dress Essay

The Morality of a Dress

By Tripti Manghnani (12F97)

Given a selection between a fast temporary repair and an everlasting long term remedy, we like a country always chose the fast solution. The ethical policing groupe is one particular example. Rather than addressing the issue of patriarchy and sexism that is deep seated in our world, we instruct our ladies and women to hide up, thus increasing the divide amongst the sexes.

India is known for its ethnical diversity as well as the various ethnicities make it a colourful country. We Indians are proud of our heritage and our persuits. This is reflected in the common Indian's lifestyle. Our meals habits, garments, practices happen to be influenced by our religious beliefs, faith and cultural personality.

Even so if we watch closely all of us notice that the onus of upkeep of these kinds of customs practically entirely comes on the shoulders of women. Whenever we look around we might realize that only the girls and ladies of the community and wearing the traditional dress, while the guys dress even more modernly.

Traditional garments like the saree, dhoti, shalwar kameez, lungi much like any country's traditional clothes were a direct result our country's climate. While our societies evolved and moved via villages to towns to cities, we Indians transferred towards modernization and westernization. Men turned from dhotis and lungis to denim jeans and t-shirts. However what the women people wore has not evolved exact same pace. Faraway from evolving and adapting, a woman is now judged by what the girl wears.

An Of india man wearing a pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt is usual sight but if you is surely an Indian woman wearing a pair of jeans, be careful; they might contact you ‘easy'. Our attitude towards a female wearing a couple of shorts vs . a man wearing a pair of pants is the very definition of hypocrisy. Religion is another tool that is certainly often used to propagate and widen this divide.

The Hijab is a traditional example of the consequence of skewed understanding of any Holy...

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